Iron Triathlon Coach

Best Coach in Texas for 20 years

99% of our beginner clients successfully complete their first full Ironman® (7-10% higher than average).

► 26% qualify for Kona (over 7 times higher than average). Some have won their age-group in Kona, Ironman 70.3 Worlds, or gone on to pro careers. Coach Tom Rodgers has finished as high as seventh in age-group in Kona.

► 20% qualify for the Ironman® 70.3 World Championship and use the best-selling book on 70.3 racing, The Perfect Distance: Training for Long Course Triathlon.

► Short-course athletes have won Gold and Silver medals in their National Championship (triathlon and cycling) and many have been ranked #1 in regional overall and age-group rankings. Yet we still coach BEGINNERS.

► Running clients have finished second in the Aramco Houston Half-Marathon and won at other top Texas races. Cycling clients have completed solo RAAM, won their race at the Texas Time Trials, and even gone on to pro careers.

Coaching, racing and writing is all we do. We care more about speed than money.

Vision + Process = Performance

These three words define our coaching philosophy, and each follows from the other. You have a dream that can be molded into a clearly defined vision, then we help create a process that turns the vision into realistic goals realized through performance. To do this, we use state-of-the-art scientific methods taken from biomedical engineering, physiology, and astronaut training, and combine them with psychology and nutrition to take you to the next level.

Yet we never lose site of the Art of Triathlon and the personal relationship between coach and athlete.

Power Cycling and Power Running

Coach Tom Rodgers has been a power-meter pioneer in both cycling (since 2000) and running (since 2014). He shares patents on running power-meter devices and developed specialized run analysis software for Garmin, iPhone and Android devices.

He and his coached athletes have turned in some of the best bike and run splits ever for their age group in Kona and in other races around the world, using Garmin, Stryd, RPM­­², Quarq, PowerTap, and Stages devices.